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44-lead_CQFJ-150x150 UltraCMOS® 3.0 GHz Integer-N PLL for Space Applications

Peregrine’s PE9601 is a high performance integer-N PLL capable of
frequency synthesis up to 2.2 GHz. The device is designed for superior phase noise performance while providing an order of magnitude reduction in current consumption, when compared with existing commercial space PLLs. The PE9601 features a 10/11 dual modulus prescaler, counters and a phase comparator. Counter values are programmable through either a serial or parallel interface and can also be directly hard wired. It is offered in a 44-lead CQFJ package.
DatasheetPE9601 datasheet
EVKPE9601 evaluation kit manual
SchematicPE9601 schematic/B.O.M
SoftwarePE9601 software
PN Loop F Calc.Filter Calculation and Phase Noise Estimation
Application noteNote AN10
Application noteNote AN38
Application noteNote AN51