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Teledyne e2v HiRel Electronics’s (HiRel) logic product offering includes many CMOS and bi-polar logic and programmable logic families.
A majority of our logic functions are DLA approved and come in a variety of package types, including ceramic DIP, LCC and Flatpack. Qualification options are available up to MIL-PRF-38535.

See HiRel's new offering of  AC/ACT Advanced CMOS logic components. Download the datasheet AC/ACT Advanced CMOS Logic.

​Standard Logic

e2v offers an extensive line of military DLA-approved logic devices based on parts from numerous partners and e2v designed and developed die. Many logic families are available in different packaging and qualification options, including many mature or commercially obsolete functions.

​Programmable Logic

Military DLA-approved CMOS Programmable Logic Devices (PLD) are based on die from Cypress Semiconductor, Atmel, and QP Semiconductor. PLD products range from the popular UV-erasable PALC22V10 and EE PALCE22V10 to Complex PLD (CPLD) products containing from 32 to 192 macrocells. PLD products are available in hermetic packages including ceramic DIP, LCC, JLCC, PGA, and Flatpack. All approved CMOS PLD products are manufactured by e2v using Cypress, Atmel, and QP Semi QML certified die.



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