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Low Energy EFI

Teledyne Energetics is comprised of Teledyne Electronic Safety Products (TESP) and Teledyne RISI Inc. (RISI). TESP specializes in developing solid state Electronic Safe & Arms for Military, Space, and Commercial (Oil Exploration/Production). RISI specializes in developing EBW and EFI detonators that integrate into Electronic Safe & Arms.


Emergency Interseat
Sequencing System

TESP designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures a variety of small, highly reliable products, which in many cases are intended to operate explosive devices such as EEDs (Electro-Explosive Devices), EBWs (Exploding BridgeWires), EFIs (Exploding Foil Initiators), and other similar devices. Product applications include Aircrew Safety, Launch and Tactical Vehicles, and Energetic Devices.


Through Bulkhead

RISI designs, develops, qualifies and manufactures EBW and EFI detonators for specialized applications as well as many commercial detonators with various output loading. RISI also designs custom laboratory and field fire sets for EBW and EFI detonators.

Our products include:

Military aircraft ejection seat solid state sequencers, escape system controllers, and associated field test equipment. These systems typically initiate HBW (low voltage) detonators.

Military and Space Launch solid state Electronic Safe & Arms for Flight Termination and Stage Separation. These systems typically utilize Low Energy EFI (high voltage/low energy) detonators.

Tactical Missile solid state multi output EBW/EFI Electronic Safe & Arms. These systems are typically high voltage/low energy detonators.

TESP and RISI are operating units of Teledyne Technologies. TESP is located in Chatsworth, California, and has been manufacturing products since 1986. RISI is located in Tracy, California, and has been manufacturing products since 1950.





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