Teledyne MEC

For over sixty years, Teledyne MEC has been proudly providing Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) products and systems to the military community as well as to a variety of commercial applications  

With a dedicated team of over 270 employees, Teledyne MEC (TMEC) has been a proud supplier of electronic warfare, radar, communications and test equipment products to the U.S. military community and numerous commercial customers for over sixty years. During that time, TMEC has shipped over 90,000 TWTs. Teledyne Microwave Electronic Corporation (MEC), originally formed in the 1960s, co-produced​ products for the AN/ALQ-99 ​​(EA-6B Prowler) and the AN/ALQ-137 (EF-111 Raven). Building on that foundation, the TMEC legacy has grown over the last six decades to become one of the largest suppliers of EW products used extensively in airborne, shipboard, and ground-based systems. In addition, TMEC products are used in radar and communication systems on a host of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms.

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Today TMEC continues that proud tradition by continuing to develop new products for a variety of EW, radar and communications applications – products that expand capabilities in frequency and power levels while maintaining TMEC’s overall support of numerous programs vital to our nation's defense capabilities. These programs include long-running systems like the ALQ​‐99 (Tactical Jamming System), AN/SPY-1 (AEGIS radar), AN/ALQ-214 (Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures, IDECM), AN/MPQ-64 (Sentinel radar) and many others. TMEC's facilities carry all the necessary certifications and meet the standards required for the production of military-grade products. TMEC maintains the necessary tools and talents to address a multitude of applications, with the ability to customize products to meet demanding requirements. With six decades of history and experience behind us, TMEC is ready to take on the challenges of providing microwave power to the next generation of EW, radar, and communications systems.