Teledyne MEC

Teledyne MEC

High Power Solid State
Traveling Wave Tubes


Teledyne MEC, a business unit of Teledyne Defense Electronics, is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of broadband high power helix Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs) and TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs).  Ranging from 10MHz to 44GHz, our TWT technologies are designed to meet the highest performance standards in the most stringent fixed and mobile environments in today's ECR, Radar, and Communications markets.

Our state of the arts products are found on nearly all major EW, Radar, and Communication platforms of the Unites States and its allies throughout the world.  While developments in GaN and LDMOS technologies have boosted the power output of solid state amplifiers, TWTs are still the benchmark in performance and efficiency for many applications.  For example, for multi-octave high power generation, TWTs are smaller, lighter, and more efficient than equivalent SSPA assemblies.

Traveling Wave Tubes remain the best source for efficient generation of microwave power over broad frequency bandwidths. View the TWT Product Selection Guide here.

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