All Teledyne Reynolds' products have full material and build traceability and are subject to rigorous in-process checks and final inspection testing.

Supporting customers through 5 core product groups ...

High Voltage Wire and Cable

Taking advantage of TRI's six decades of experience working in areas such as high voltage induced electric fields, high dielectric strength materials and low partial discharge interconnect design to create wire products rated to up to 60 kVDC that are far superior in performance, size, mass and flexibility to what is available from the traditional wire market.  Designs and features include:

  • Single and multi-conductor designs with or without shielding and jacketing
  • High flexibility designs starting at ratings of 3 kVDC with an overall diameter as small as .019" (.48mm)
  • Proprietary Ready-to-Bond etched or silicone coated FEP and PFA to enable cohesive bonds to encapsulants without any further surface preparation of the wire by the customer
  • Distributed loss, low pass filter, RF attenuation designs
  • Low partial discharge, semi-conductive layer designs



High Energy Devices

This group consists of three products

  • Mica+TM High Voltage Mica capacitors
  • Spark Gaps (Gas Discharge Tubes)
  • Triggered Spark Gaps

All of which are designed to exhibit exceptional and stable
performance in military and high shock environments.



High Voltage Connectors and Cable Assemblies  

Both single pin and multi-pin configurations with ratings from
5 kVDC to 50 kVDC from sea level to 70,000 feet (21.34 km) with
some designs even rated for use in Space.  Features include:

  • Pre-terminated and tested cable assemblies built to length for
    customers that prefer a complete solution
  • Connectors that use Teledyne Reynolds' patented Advanced Interface Sealing System™. Technologically advanced, these connectors
    represent the state-of-the-art in high voltage connector design and manufacture.
  • Several series of products are available as connector kits, also called bag assemblies, to allow for assembly at the customer's location or field installation



High Voltage Hermetic Connectors

A subset of our High Voltage Connector products, these single pin
ceramic-to-metal, brazed receptacles use only the best quality,
minimum 94% alumina ceramic, are metallized with moly-manganese
and are nickel plated.  Features include:

  • Minimum leak rate rating of 1 x 10-8 cc/s He at 1 ATM differential
    pressure with maximum measurable leak rate test capability at
    TRI of 1 x 10-10 cc/s He at 1 ATM differential pressure
  • 15 to 1000 PSI (1 to 68 ATM) operating pressure differential
  • Custom  designs



Hi-Rel Custom Interconnects

TRI has supported a wide variety of customers by designing and
manufacturing customized connectors and cable assemblies
for their high reliability (Hi-Rel), mission critical requirements. 
These assemblies have not only specialized in high voltage, but also
fiber optic, signal, high current and a variety of hybrid configurations. 
Design and features include:

  • High pressure operation
  • Sub-sea compatibility
  • Radiation tolerance
Highly engineered solutions