​Spark Gaps

Gas filled spark gaps, also called gas discharge tubes, are high energy, voltage controlled switching devices unique in their ability to repeatedly switch currents of thousands of amperes. They are ideally suited for diverting large electrical surges caused by lighting, EMP and other sources of high voltage, high current transients.
TRI's standard spark gaps are constructed using only the highest quality high alumina ceramics that have been metallized and plated. The brazing and gas filling process is computer controlled, resulting in a brazed joint between the electrodes and the ceramic body that is rugged and reliable.



​High Voltage Mica Capacitors

TRI's Mica+TM​ high voltage, mica capacitors are designed and manufactured with reliability as the prime consideration. Featuring epoxy impregnated, reconstituted mica paper dielectric, these capacitors are unique in their ability to withstand extreme aerospace environments and severe duty under, both, pulsed and constant high voltage applications.




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