Mica+TM Mica Capacitors

Teledyne Reynolds' Mica+ TM high voltage, mica capacitors are designed and manufactured with reliability as the prime consideration. Featuring epoxy impregnated, reconstituted mica paper dielectric, these capacitors are unique in their ability to withstand extreme aerospace environments and severe duty under, both, pulsed and constant high voltage applications.

Available in a Variety of Configurations  


Raw sections


  • For use in potted/embedded next higher assemblies.

Wrapped and end capped 

  • For stand alone applications requiring no subsequent potting or encapsulation processes.
  • Wrap material is Mylar® or woven glass.

Fiberglass encased epoxy-filled construction

  • Provides the attributes of the epoxy molded configuration with no hard tooling required.

Low inductance/high current

  • Ideal for Exploding Foil Initiators (EFI) and Exploding Bridgewire Initiators (EBW) used in Electronic Safe, Arm and Fire (ESAF) systems.
  • Available in any of the above configurations.

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  • Epoxy moulded capacitors
    • Currently qualified for use on major military and commercial programs, epoxy molded assemblies can be configured in solid complex shapes and mounting arrangements. Units can contain several voltage and capacitance values with a variety of terminations. These configurations offer stand-alone shock, vibration and environmental security with Teledyne Reynolds reliability.
  • Mica capacitors in voltage multipliers
    • Raw capacitors have been used in voltage multipliers with output voltages as high as 160 kVDC and have been used in a wide range of military, scientific and commercial applications, such as, X-ray equipment and low power travelling wave tubes (TWTs).


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