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Teledyne Reynolds provides a range of components and assemblies to meet the highly specialized needs of engineers in Oil and Gas and Commercial Nuclear industries. 

Products include high voltage cable assemblies and wire for use in Oil and Gas down-hole instrumentation packages, high voltage cable assemblies specially designed for use as firing cables in Exploding Bridgewire (EBW) and Exploding Foil Initiator (EFI) detonator systems. For Commercial Nuclear, TRI has supplied high reliability, low voltage, radiation resistant cable assemblies for use in Control Rod Drive Mechanisms (CRDM) and Rod Position Indication Systems (RPIS).   

Applications include​

  • Down-hole instrumentation packages
  • EBW & EFI detonators with firing cables
  • CRDM and RPIS cables
  • Down-hole oil well case perforation

Example of applications

TRI's wires, connectors and extensive line of EBWs manufactured by Teledyne RISI are ideal for harsh environment found in down-hole oil and gas exploration applications, such as , oil well case perforation. 

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