Taking advantage of TRI's six decades of experience working in areas such as high voltage induced electric fields, high dielectric strength materials and low partial discharge interconnect design to create wire products rated to up to 60 kVDC that are far superior in performance, size, mass and flexibility to what is available from the traditional wire market.  Designs and features include:
  • Single and multi-conductor designs with or without shielding and jacketing
  • High flexibility designs starting at ratings of 3kVDC with an overall diameter as small as .019" (.48mm)
  • Proprietary Ready-to-BondTM etched or silicone coated FEP and PFA to enable cohesive bonds to encapsulants without any further surface preparation of the wire by the customer
  • Distributed loss, low pass filter, RF attenuation design
  • Low partial discharge, semi-conductive layer designs      

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