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High Voltage Connectors and Cable Assemblies - Single Pin

 600, 600SL, 610, 610SL Series  730/830, 737, 720, 727 Series
31, 310, 311 Series  531, 531SL, 521, 521SL Series
C730, C737, C720, C727, C735, C740, C750 Series  PeeWee Series


High Voltage Connectors and Cable Assemblies - Multi-Pin

 JR Series   1804, 1807 Series
1407 Series  Hi/Mate™ Series
 PeeWee Series Hi/MateD™ Series 




High Voltage Connectors and Cable Assemblies - Space Qualified 



High Voltage Wire and Cable

High Voltage Wire and Cable General Information

Cable Conductor Data: Conductor Size, Stranding and Current Ratings

FEP Wire including:      

  • Ready-to-Bond Etched FEP Wire 
  • Ready-to-Bond Silicone Coated FEP Wire 
  • Ready-to-Bond Silicone Coated FEP with Woven Nomex Jacket​

PFA Wire including:

  • Ready-to-Bond Etched PFA Wire 
  • Ready-to-Bond Silicone Coated PFA Wire 

PTFE Wire including:

  • Ready-to-Bond Etched PTFE Wire

ETFE Wire including:

  • Ready-to-Bond Etched ETFE Wire 

Silicone Rubber Wire

Coaxial/Shielded Wire

MicroFlexTM wire

Quiet Line™, Distributed Loss RF Attenuation Wire

Semi/Con™, Semi-Conductive Silicone Rubber Wire 

Hi/Pure™, Low Corona Discharge Processing 


High ​Voltage Hermetic Connectors

 600 Series, PeeWee Series,  730 Series, 720 Series


High ​Voltage Mica Capacitors

 General Information
 2.5 KVDC 10 KVDC 20 KVDC
  5 KVDC 12.5 KVDC 25 KVDC
7.5 KVDC 15 KVDC 30 KVDC






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