Teledyne Reynolds' (TRI) leads the connector industry worldwide in the design of high voltage interconnects rated for use at voltages from 5 kVDC to 50 kVDC at altitudes of 70,000 feet (21.34 km) and above while exposed to temperatures as low as -55°C and up to 125°C. TRI's high voltage wire, cable, single pin and multi-pin connectors are known for their reliability in harsh environments, their small size compared to other manufacturer's interconnect designs for the same voltage rating and their outstanding quality.

Applications include​

  • Radar
  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
  • Target Designators
  • Electronic Safe and Arm Devices (ESAD)
  • Night Vision Systems            

Example of applications

  • ​Teledyne Reynolds has developed hybrid connectors and lightning protection devices for the Electronic Warfare community that take advantage of TRI's proprietary miniature high voltage connector designs.​​​​​​​​​​​
  • ​​TRI's Micro Flex​TM high voltage wire is used in helmet-to-vehicle interface harnesses due to their small size and flexibility.



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