Satcom Solutions from Teledyne Paradise Datacom


For over thirty years, Teledyne Paradise Datacom (Paradise) has supplied the satellite communications industry with a broad portfolio of modems and RF products. Today, it is a business unit of the Teledyne Defense Electronics group, and continues to deliver innovative satcom products worldwide.

The primary focus of Paradise engineering is on creating significant differentiators and unique architectures for our customers. Satcom industry leaders worldwide recognize our many engineering innovations in some of our flagship offerings, including:


  • Q-Flex™ – the world’s most flexible modem, a software-defined modem that handles all types of IP traffic and provides point-to-point AND point-to-multipoint operation in a single unit.
  • PowerMAX Scalable SSPA Systems – our unique indoor and outdoor scalable SSPA amplifier systems maintain complete parallel redundancy down to the embedded control level, and provide the highest MTBF possible.

Our line of RF products is led by our Solid State Power Amps (SSPAs), which range from indoor/ outdoor SSPAs to unique SSPA systems like PowerMAX with the highest degree of earth station redundancy. Paradise SSPAs range in power from 25 watts to 10 kW and from S- to Ka-band.

The Paradise modem line is led by the ‘Q’ series of modems starting with Q-Flex, perhaps the most versatile satellite modem in the industry, Q-Lite, a size-reduced variant, and Q-MultiFlex, which adds up to sixteen demodulators to the Q-Flex platform.

Our products include:



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