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ONE System, Boundless Connectivity

Q-NET is a scalable satellite communications system that supports highly-efficient bandwidth technology and sophisticated carrier and traffic management. It supports all types of network including star, full/partial mesh, point-to-point and hybrids. No expensive hub; no double hops; fully-functional network control application included as standard.


One system, boundless connectivity.  Uses a single building block for all types of networks, simplifying network expansion, operator training and logistics. Same equipment is used at hub and remote, regardless of whether network is point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, star, mesh, etc. Which means that in the future the equipment can be redeployed for any new network requirements that come along, rather than having to start over.

Simple IP. Single-box satellite modem solution for advanced IP, including traffic shaping, TCP acceleration, compression, VLANs and ACM.

Bandwidth efficiency. Supports the highly efficient DVB-S2X standard; low roll-offs on outbound and inbounds; carrier overlap technology.

Control at your finger-tips. Q-NET Navigator allows all Q-Series and AXIOM series Modems to be controlled from a single multi-user application. Q-Net allows users to support multi-transponder / multi-satellite carrier planning, system monitoring, traffic analytics and report generation.

Low cost. No expensive hub installation. Scales from very small to very large networks with minimal box count and no fixed hub costs.






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