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Ground-Based Satcom Amplifiers, Modems and M​ore​

​Modems for Small-to-Medium Sized Networks Where Security is of Utmost Importance. 

Not just a modem solution, but a whole network without the need for a hugely expensive hub.

Trusted by military and commercial customers worldwide

Information about new AXIOM IP-Centric Modems here.​

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AXIOM Modem Web Interface Overview

Paradise Datacom awarded $1.3M contract in partnership with GISS to supply manpacks to the Polish Armament Agency. Read more here​.

Paradise Datacom​​ partners with Isotropic Systems to Deliver Fully Integrated Terminal for Secure Communications. Read more here.​


​​​Robust SSPA Solutions from L/S to Ku Bands

Compact Outdoor SSPA

Where power density meets robust reliability, Paradise Datacom has been at the forefront of GaN and GaAs amplifiers for decades.​​

Trusted by military and commercial customers worldwide.

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Teledyne Paradise Facility Tour

Teledyne Paradise PowerMax
When Failure is Not an Option