Teledyne Paradise Datacom



      ​L/S Band SSPA At-A-Glance
  • 1.75 to 2.12 GHz 
  • For defense and commercial command and control environments​
  • Higher reliability compared to Klystron
    power amplifiers 
  • Rugged outdoor-rated enclosure 
  • Highest power densities ​
  • GaN technology, simultaneously provides excellent linear output power and industry-leading efficiency​

'Two-in-One'​ Amplifier Solution​

for Tracking, Telemetry, and Control (TT&C)

​​Both S- and L-band frequencies have been the industry’s bands of choice for positioning and tracking applications like global positioning systems (GPS) and Tracking, Telemetry, and Control (TT&C) for satcom. This new dual S/L band SSPA offers customers a virtual ”two for the price of one” solution that dramatically lowers the costs of command and control, leaves a much smaller footprint, but also delivers higher reliability compared to traditional klystron power amplifiers.

An ideal fit for both Military and Commercial, these amplifiers deliver the high reliability of solid-state technology required to support critical communications between the earth and satellites. Further, it does so in a rugged outdoor-rated enclosure – either the popular Compact Outdoor Paradise SSPA enclosure or the High Power Outdoor enclosure for higher power levels.​

Download the Product Overview​​ (includes a link to specs)

Compared to older vacuum-based technology, the enhanced reliability and ease-of-use gives operators the opportunity to support command and control facilities with non-or semi-technical staff. 

This L/S SSPA achieves the ​highest power densities in the industry. By utilizing an all GaN semiconductor design along with proprietary linearization techniques, the amplifier simultaneously provides excellent linear output power along with industry-leading efficiency. 

 High Power Outdoor SSPA Enclosure


Power levels to 800W ​

Available in the High Power Outdoor package, part number HPAS2800GHXXXXXG.

Models available in the High Power Outdoor package:

  • 600W unit -- HPAS2600GHXXXXXG
  • 800W unit -- HPAS2800GHXXXXXG

covering sub-band “G”​​​​. ​ Consult with a sales representative for available options.

 Compact Outdoor SSPA Enclosure

Power levels to 400W

Available ​​in the Compact Outdoor package, part number HPAS2400GCXXXX​XG. 

Models available in the Compact Outdoor package:


  • 100W unit – HPAS2100GCXXXXXG
  • 200W unit – HPAS2200GCXXXXXG
  • 300W unit – HPAS2300GCXXXXXG
  • 400W unit – HPAS2400GCXXXXXG

​covering sub-band “G”. ​ ​ Consult with a sales representative for available options.​