AXIOM-X Small Form Factor Satellite Modem Card

Teledyne Paradise Datacom introduces the AXIOM-X satellite modem card for point-to-point (P2P)  and point-to-multipoint (P2MP) networks.

AXIOM-X features a new app. for control
using phone, tablet or computer

The AXIOM-X satellite modem card is a compact, powerful, IP centric, single-board satellite modem router designed for simple mechanical integration into OEM products, for portable communications and communications-on-the-move. Physically small with low power consumption does not limit the AXIOM-X, which is capable of supporting up to 575Mbps of data and 160,000 IP packets per second. It also supports L2 bridging and L3 routing with full QoS and Traffic Shaping.

The AXIOM-X modem card M&C is via an intuitive Ethernet based web browser that is equally at home when using a tablet, Mobile or laptop PC. The unit has an option to connect a membrane with integrated LED’s for easy visual status and a fan. The AXIOM-X satellite modem card can also be provided in a small compact chassis with a separate BUC PSU.




  • 25 to 33W power consumption including Eco mode for reduced bit rates under 25Mbps;
  • Bandwidth savings: DVB-S2X, ACM, TCP acceleration with header and payload compression;
  • The intuitive M&C system is equally user-friendly whether on a laptop PC, Mobile, or tablet;
  • The card also supports an extended operating temperature range of -40º to +85º C;
  • At 184MM x 152MM, the card is a full 60% smaller than Paradise’ benchmark Q-Lite™ OEM card;
  • Enhanced Doppler performance for LEO/MEOs
  • Extended L-band operation to 2150MHz;
  • Optimized spectral roll-offs, including 5%, 10%, and 20%;
  • Option to connect a membrane with integrated LEDs to enable easy visual status and a fan.




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