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The Q-Flex modem is a flexible software-defined modem that does what you want, now and in the future. Any waveform, any interface, IF and L-band, and data rates to 200Mbps. Plus fully-featured embedded IP (acceleration, compression, bridging, routing, encryption, shaping, ACM, etc.). And comprehensive diagnostic tools (including Rx spectrum monitor, Rx constellation monitor, interference detection underneath carrier, BER tester, etc.). Highly competitive pricing is achieved by enabling only the features you need at any time. Future-proofing is assured by convenient software upgrades via Ethernet or a memory stick and lots of processing headroom, protecting your investment.

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Hub Canceller Embedded in QMultiFlex-400

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'Two Units in One’ -- Teledyne Paradise has introduced the industry’s first Hub Canceller that is embedded within its QMultiFlex-400 for P2MP networks. Traditionally, operators desiring frequency re-use between outbound and inbound carriers have been forced to deploy a separate unit after the modem in a point-to-multipoint system. Embedding the Hub Canceller delivers several advantages to our customers, including: 
  • Up to 50% bandwidth savings 
  • Smaller footprint with less required rack space 
  • Reduced power consumption 
  • Simpler and easier to deploy and operate 





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