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Paradise has added encryption options for its flagship Q-line modems, and has also successfully completed WGS certification. Security is imperative when satcom is supporting combat operations / situational awareness for warfighters; first responder emergency situations; policing and border control, and much more.


Encrypted Modems ​

      QMultiFlex-400E P2MP
        encrypted modem

While security is one of the defining characteristics of SCPC modems, some customers require more. One option is to add your own crypto devices prior to the modem on each end of a link. As either an alternative or as an addition, we can provide models which offer TCP/IP packet payload encryption using symmetric AES with 256-bit keys. Note that these models are export controlled.



         Methodology for
         encrypted links

  • DVB-S2X
  • Speed upgradable in the field to 345 Mb/s
  • Unified platforms allow flexible redeployment
  • The security of SCPC, with the addition of TCP/IP packet payload encryption
    using symmetric AES with 256-bit keys
  • Encryption available for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks



Available Models with Encryption

​QFlex-400 ​QFlex-400E ​Q-Lite Half Width ​Q-Lite E Half Width
​QMultiFlex-400 ​QMultiFlex-400E ​Q-Lite Rugged ​Q-Lite E Rugged
​QMultiFlex-400 P2MP
​QMultiFlex-400 P2MP E
AXIOM-X ​AXIOM-X Encryption
Q-Lite ​Q-LiteE ​QubeFlex ​(Not Available)

​WGS-Certified Models

The Qflex-400 and Q-Lite modems are versatile, highly configurable, and field-proven as two of the industry's most secure modems. Now, both have officially been certified for use in the Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) system, the high capacity satcom system partnership between the Defense Departments of the U.S., Canada, and Australia.



The QFlex-400 is ideal as a versatile point-to-point network modem or as remote modem in a point-to-multipoint network. It is specifically focused WGS modem for military and government applications providing broadcast services, data transfer, images, and videos to troops in theater.

Download the QFlex-400 WGS Brochure

Download the QFlex-400 WGS Encryption Brochure



The Q-Lite Compact Modem Card is a single-board, comms-on-the-move modem designed for simple mechanical integration into OEM products.  It also supports similar bandwidth-saving technologies as the QFlex-400, but also features very low power consumption and a very small physical footprint at a size of 255mm x 184mm. It is also compatible for use with the QFlex-400 modem.

Download the Q-Lite WGS Compact Modem Card Datasheet

Download the Q-Lite WGS Encryption Compact Modem Card Datasheet




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