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Robust Outdoor Modular Soft-Fail n+1 Systems

PowerMax Overview

The Outdoor PowerMAX system architecture is a multi-module amplifier system. This allows PowerMAX systems to be configured with a large variety of output power levels. 

The Outdoor PowerMAX system cuts deployment costs since no shelter is required. 

The Outdoor PowerMAX system uses a combination of parallel power combining and traditional phase combining. The system is configured with one (1) system controller module for each four (4) amplifiers in the system. In systems with more than four (4) amplifiers, multiple controllers are used in a master/slave configuration.

Each array of amplifiers is structured in a parallel architecture redundant system. The RF outputs of each amplifier are phase combined to a single output. Each controller provides monitor and control capabilities for the a​mplifiers to which it is connected. In systems with multiple controllers, one controller acts as the master, the other(s) are slave units to the master.

The sophisticated firmware design of the PowerMAX permits the system to operate as if it were a single chassis amplifier. There is no need to communicate directly with each individual amplifier chassis. The system maintains a hierarchy of control whereby one of the system controllers becomes the master control point. If the master controller were to fail, control is automatically passed on to the next controller in the array.

The system provides 20dB of gain adjustment in 0.1 dB increments as well as optional Automatic Level Control operation.

The system output power is measured with true rms power detection. Unlike peak detection circuits common in many HPA systems, true rms detection gives a very accurate measurement of the system’s output power in the presence of multiple carriers and modulation types.


8-Way PowerMAX System​
with Compact Outdoor SSPA Modules


8-Way PowerMAX System
with High Power Outdoor SSPA Modules

 Comparing Outdoor PowerMAX Systems

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Outdoor PowerMAX Features
  • Gallium Nitride amplifiers
  • Up to 10 kW in C-Band
  • Up to 10 kW in X-Band
  • Up to 5.8 kW in Ku-Band
  • True RMS Power Measurement
  • Reflected Power Monitor
  • L-Band Input with Redundancy
  • AC Distribution Panel
  • Ethernet Hub
  • Maintenance Switch