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FPGA Support 

Teledyne e2v offers technical support for integrating our data converter products into a multitude of FPGA-based systems. We also provide integrated solutions for FPGA-based products.

To support our data converters, we provide open source protocol codes for major FPGA vendors via ESIstream, a newly adopted open source data transmission protocol.


ESIstream is an opensource data transmission protocol recently adopted by e2v and we will soon be offering opensource codes for major FPGA vendors. The newly developed protocol aims to offer:

  • Reduced overhead on serial links
  • Increased rate of useful data when linking ADCs & DACs operating at GSPS speeds with FPGAs on a serial interface
  • Simplified hardware implementation; simple enough to be built on RF SiGE technologies

For more information on ESIstream, visit: www.esistream.com

Technical Support

e2v’s technical support team offers expertise for integrating semiconductor products into FPGA-based boards from major vendors. If you require support integrating e2v products into your system, please send us a technical inquiry.