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Qormino_CR_webThe new line of ultra-compact processing solutions

Qormino® is the smart, small and powerful packaged processing solution from Teledyne e2v. Combining NXP QorIQ® processors based on PowerPC or ARM, with RAM memory on Teledyne e2v’s custom substrates, designed to respond to SWaP constraints and offering:
  • High performance packed into a small substrate
  • Reduced system design time, improving time-to-market
  • 15+ years availability for obsolescence management                                
Introducing the QT1040-4GB

The first solution from the Qormino® line, an innovative embedded solution that delivers the processing power of the T1040 or T1020 with 4GB of memory in a compact form factor measuring just 44 x 26mm. Suitable for applications such as:
  • Avionics (DO-254 certifiable)
  • Radar
  • Industrial
  • Scientific
  • Networking
The development board running Linux is currently available as well as Board Support Packages that integrate VxWorks from Wind River, PikeOS from Sysgo, Deos from DDC-I, LynxOS from Lynx and Integrity from Green Hills.

 QLS1046-4GB Specs

Feature ​Performance
​Processor ​LS1046 NXP QorIQ® Quad ARM® Cortex® A72 core @ 1800MHz
​Memory ​4GB DDR4, 72-bits bus incl. 8-bits ECC protection
​Temperature range ​-55 to +125C
​Size ​44 x 26mm


 QT1040-4GB Specs

Feature ​Performance
​Processor ​T1040 NXP QorIQ® processor, quad core @1400MHz
​Memory ​4GB DDR4, 72-bits bus incl. 8-bits ECC protection
​Temperature range ​-55 to +125C
​Size ​44 x 26mm




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