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Gallium nitride devices have revolutionized power conversion in other industries and are now available in high reliability qualified form with plastic encapsulated packaging that has undergone stringent reliability and electrical testing to ensure mission critical success. The Teledyne HiRel GaN HEMT technology provides the efficiency, size, and power-density benefits required in critical aerospace and defense power applications.

New Products

Ruggedized 100V HEMT Adds to e2v HiRel’s GaN Power HEMT Family – This new product, TDG100E90, joins the recently announced 650V, 60A TDG650E60, and is available to provide a lower step-down voltage in high-reliability power circuitry. Compared to Silicon MOSFET devices, the GaN-based TDG100E90 HEMT significantly reduces losses and EMI, due to no reverse recovery characteristics. To reduce drain-source on-resistance (RDS(on)) or increase the load current, the TDG100E90 can easily support parallel driving configuration. The use of high-performance GaNPX® packaging allows very high-frequency switching, extremely low inductance, and excellent thermal characteristics, enabling customers to significantly reduce the size and weight of power electronics. Download the TDG100E90BEP​ Data Sheet >

Device ​D/S Status Package Voltage Current Rds (ON) Dims, Description
TDG100E90BEP Active GaNPX™ 100V 90A 7mOhm
7.6X4.6X0.5mm Ruggedized Plastic Enhancement Mode
GaN FET in GaNPX® Packaging
TDG650E60BEP Active GaNPX™ 650V 60A 25mOhm
11.0 X 9.0 X 0.54mm Ruggedized Plastic Enhancement Mode
GaN FET in GaNPX® Packaging
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