Teledyne Paradise Datacom



The Teledyne Paradise Datacom Series of C-, Ku- and X-Band LNAs offers premium performance and reliability in a small package. The latest technology in GaAs HEMT devices produces the lowest possible noise temperatures in an uncooled LNA. In addition, the Paradise Datacom LNAs are backed by a 36-month warranty and by more than 30 years experience in the design of high performance communications amplifiers.

The performance of the Teledyne Paradise Datacom LNAs is matched by a full range of features chosen with the communication system designer in mind. From the compact weatherproof housing to the standard combination of RF cable and circular connector DC input, the Teledyne Paradise Datacom LNAs are ready for integration into your system. 

In addition, the Teledyne Paradise Datacom family of Redundant System Controllers is used to monitor and control amplifiers configured in 1:1 and 1:2 redundant systems. The RCP2-1100 and FPRC-1100 controllers provide control of two amplifiers and their corresponding transfer switch. The RCP2-1200 and FPRC-1200 controllers monitor and control three amplifiers and two switches.

The RCP2/FPRC Series of redundant controller can be used in both LNA and SSPA systems as well as frequency converter systems. They feature a full mimic panel and menudriven LCD display all in one rack unit of cabinet space.