1804 Seri​es ​•15 k​VD​C ​•4-pin
​1807 Series​ ​•15 k​VD​C ​•​7-pin

Altitude Rating
70,000 ft (21.34 km)

Operating Temperature
-55º to 125ºC

Current Rating
13 Amps 
The 1804 and 1807 Series of ruggedized 4 and 7-pin connectors have been used in applications ranging from military vehicle electric reactive armor to airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar. The 1807 has even been used on the Ion Propulsion systems that have propelled some of NASA and JAXA’s most successful spacecraft into Deep Space.

Both the 1804 and 1807 use the same connector housings which come in shielded and non-shielded configurations with either threaded or bayonet coupling nuts. Plug kits are available for customer-fabricated cable assemblies using Teledyne Reynolds’ specified wire.  

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