Semi/ConTM, Semi-Conductive, Silicone Rubber High Voltage Wire Pg. 18

Semi/ConTM​ high voltage, semi-conductive silicone cables have a distinct advantage over standard high voltage cables in that they are more resistant to electrical stress and exhibit very little to no corona at the rated voltage.
Corona is an ionization of gas molecules that occur in voids of a cable and along the outside of the cable insulation when near a ground plane. The damage to the wire insulation from corona is proportional to the number of discharges per unit time and the energy of each discharge. Reducing or eliminating these discharges, commonly referred to as partial discharge, should be a design goal in any high voltage system design. Standard high voltage cables are very reliable in service when installed in equipment and physically separated from grounded structures, especially sharp edges. When these requirements cannot be met or the voltage is pulsed DC or AC, and the need is still present for a high voltage cable that exhibits little to no corona discharge, along with a long operating life, Semi/ConTM cable is the solution.

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