FEP High Voltage Wire Pg. 11-13

Benefits of extruded fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) insulated high voltage wire and cable:

  • Exceptional dielectric strength without the disadvantages common to equally rated silicone rubber insulated wire
  • Wire, cable assemblies and cable bundles have much smaller diameter than silicone wire and, therefore, take up substantially less volume while also having a smaller bend radius allowing the designer to better utilize the space within the system
  • Good corona inception qualities
  • Excellent durability and resistance to dielectric/cooling fluid degradation
  • Inert when exposed to most industrial solvents and chemicals
  • Meet NASA low outgassing TML and CVCM levels 
  • Not prone to "pin-holing" and high voltage punch-through when the cable surface is abraded or when strands break during in-field use 
  • More resistant to damage when making contact with sharp edges, although this should be avoided when designing high voltage systems
While difficult to bond to, with the use of TRI's proprietary surface preparations and coating processes, Ready-to-Bond™ versions are available that offer an excellent silastic bond.

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