The Industry’s Most Tested & Trusted Assembly

  • Applications
    • Commercial & Defense TWTs
    • High Voltage Power Supplies
    • Semiconductor systems
    • Instrumentation
    • Medical Equipment
  • 12 kVDC rated for high altitude use
    • 0-70,000 ft. altitude
    • -55ºC to +125ºC operating range
    • 100% screened at 18 kVDC, 70,000 ft.
  • 18 kVDC rated for lab use
    • 0-10,000 ft. altitude
    • 10ºC to 40ºC operating range
    • 100% screened at 24 kVDC, 10,000 ft.     
  • Ergonomically robust
  • Military Grade mechanical shock and vibration resistant
  • Easy to mate (<4 lb. mating force)
  • Salt fog tested for proven corrosion resistance

The new Ruggedized PeeWee Cable Assembly is a major upgrade to the decades-long industry leading assembly from Teledyne Reynolds, the tested and trusted PeeWee product family. The new product line offers increased durability, a higher voltage rating for certain applications, and improved abrasion resistance.

Leveraging 30 years of engineering experience developing subminiature, high voltage connectors, Ruggedized PeeWee (or “PWR") is a more robust interconnect system that also offers an elevated voltage rating for specific ground-based applications. PWR also offers improved abrasion resistance through its use of increased insulated FEP and coated wire.. 

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The Problem PWR Solves. It was designed specifically to address our customers' desire for enhanced durability in standard industry assemblies so that they can better withstand mechanical damage during assembly and multiple mate/De-mate cycles..

Technology, Tested, Trusted. Customers can have maximum confidence in the PWR because we have tested it far beyond the limits we specify. We validated the design using multiple samples to establish performance in 13 distinct categories. You can request a copy of the full test report here because we stand by our products confidently – Technology, Tested, Trusted.

Compatibility.  Ruggedized PeeWee is fully intermateable with all existing legacy PeeWee solutions and incorporates the proven PeeWee connector interface.

Higher Voltage.  While legacy PeeWee provides a 12.0 kVDC voltage rating for low-mass, high altitude applications in harsh environments, Ruggedized PeeWee offers an elevated 18.0 kVDC rating for certain ground-based applications including medical, instrumentation, semiconductor, and testing. The PWR provides much improved abrasion resistance leveraging thicker FEP-insulated wire, and a more ruggedized, robust strain relief that delivers an even more reliable connector-wire-connector assembly.

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History. The Ruggedized PeeWee family is an enhanced version of Teledyne’s classic PeeWee product line originally designed decades ago for high altitude, high voltage and defense electronic applications.

We leverage our proprietary Advanced Interface Seal Design to maintain steady HV performance at high altitudes and under a robust range of harsh conditions (temperature, mechanical, etc.).  Teledyne has shipped over half a million PeeWee products to customers over the past 3 decades.