Harness Solutions

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you do not see a cable that meets your needs. As a solutions provider, we can modify cables as a cost effective way to meet your unique system requirements, or we can design new cables as needed.


Qualified At The Source

Most Qualification verification and validation testing can be done in-house at Teledyne Storm by our Harness Solution Engineering Team.

Qualification Testing

In-house capability allows Teledyne Storm to plan qualification testing that is compliant with project and program development schedules. No waiting on outside labs to have available time.

This maximizes efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Among the tests we perform are:

  • Electrical – Phase vs Temperature change, Phase and Amplitude Tracking, and Additive Phase Noise.
  • Mechanical – Durability, Cable Retention force, and Crush Resistance.
  • Environmental Performance – Vibration, Shock, Humidity, Salt Fog, Fluid Resistance, and many other required environmental performance verification tests.

Once Qualification Testing is concluded, Teledyne Storm provides a formal Qualification Report that includes test parameters and resultant data.

Thermal Chamber Inch Worm Shock Tester




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