Please contact us if you have any questions or if you do not see a cable that meets your needs.
As a solutions provider, we can modify cables as a cost effective way to meet your unique system requirements, or we can design new cables as needed.


Storm Products has been producing high performance semi-rigid interconnects for over 20 years for a variety of markets, including: defense, telecom, wireless and test & measurement. Experienced in:

  • Cable sizes from 0.034" to 0.500"
  • Solid PTFE dielectric and high performance tape wrapped products
  • Wide variety of standard connector styles: MCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, TNC, N, 7/16, SC, and HN
  • Years of experience on blindmate connector styles: OSP GPO, GPPO, and GMS

Specialized experience in:

  • Applications where phase stability is critical
  • low intermod interconnects
  • High power designs

Manufacturing equipment:

  • Automated bending equipment and optical comparators 
  • Programmable thermal chambers for pre-conditioning formed cables
  • Specialized assembly and soldering equipment for high volume applications
  • Automated network analyzers through 50Ghz

Due to the custom nature of formed semi-rigid cable assemblies, additional information is required before providing a quotation for your requirement. Please read the design guidelines which will aid you in this process.

Semi-Rigid Design Assistance
If your application requires properties not available in standard, off-the-shelf product, contact Storm; you'll benefit from our design team's technical know how which has been garnered though years of experience designing solutions for our customers.