Internally ruggedized cable construction delivers longer life and excellent RF stability for high performance VNA Test Leads.

STORM-TEST™ delivers low loss, exceptional performance in applications requiring both durability and phase stability vs. flexure. The result? Calibration accuracy is maintained, with worry-free handling. Now available: ​26.5, 40 & 50 GHz models.

Features Benefits
Custom cable bend protection behind the connector Optimizes cable assembly product life
Crush & torque resistant due to internal armoring Mechanical robustness
Braided FEP jacket Natural abrasion resistance prevents fraying of outer jacket
Phase and amplitude stable with flex Calibration accuracy is maintained, reducing downtime
Flexible Ease of use
Phase matching options Customer specific requirements

​(For Storm-Test 40 & 26.5, see Product Overview)​​​​

Parameter Specification
Diameter, Nominal (in/mm) .200 / 5.08
Max Frequency (GHz) 50
Phase Matching Available
Phase Stability vs. Flex,
typ (@ max frequency)
Amplitude Stability vs. Flex,
typ (dB @ max frequency)
nom (dB/ft @ max frequency)
Shielding Effectiveness,
min (dB @ 1 GHz)
> –95
Typical VSWR
(2 straight connectors)
1.35:1 @ 50 GHz
Min Bend Radius,
(in/mm), Static
1 / 25.4
Typical Flex Cycles 50,000
Temperature Range (°C) –54 to +125




Read the Backstory
About how Storm-Test was Created

 Cable Construction

​A ​B ​C ​ D ​  E ​   F ​   G      ​H          ​I
​A Silver-plated copper center conductor​ ​F ​Crush/torque protection
​B ​Low loss, low density PTFE dielectric
​G ​Strength reinforcing silver-plated
copper outer braid
​C H​elically wrapped SPC flat wire shield
​H ​Outer tape
​D ​High coverage silver-plated copper
inner braid
​I ​Braided jacket
​E ​Inner jacket