Please contact us if you have any questions or if you do not see a cable that meets your needs.
As a solutions provider, we can modify cables as a cost effective way to meet your unique system requirements, or we can design new cables as needed.

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We’ve been the gold standard in test cables for decades. The table below shows how our different families compare. Entries further down the page are generally higher performance, higher cost.


26.5 GHz

​Economical general purpose test cable for use up to 26.6 GHz.

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40 GHz

​Very good test cable for frequencies up to 40 GHz. Durable, good phase flex stability. Reasonably priced, but real-world performance approaches much higher priced test leads. 

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50 GHz

​Temperature chamber applications should look here due to phase temperature stability. Very low insertion loss.

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50 GHz

​Step up in durability with internal ruggedizing, with maximum frequencies of 26.5, 40 and 50 GHz. Good phase flex performance. This is what Storm uses for most of our production and prototype testing.

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50 GHz

​A family of durable economical low loss cables for use up to 50 GHz.
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110 GHz

​110 GHz performance. Intended for testing in E- and W- band. 1 mm connector option. Easier to use than waveguide.
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  • Connector choice usually limits cable bandwidth
  • NMD style connectors have extra large coupling nuts. Ports on PNA or VNA are generally NMD style. Our Applications Engineers are available to assist with connector selection




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