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Please contact us if you have any questions or if you do not see a cable that meets your needs. As a solutions provider, we can modify cables as a cost effective way to meet your unique system requirements, or we can design new cables as needed.



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Teledyne Storm Microwave delivers high frequency single-cable alternatives compliant with stringent environmental, mechanical, and RF performance requirements. For over 35 years, Teledyne Storm cables have been the design-in choice of program design engineers for many mission critical applications.

Our cables are selected for attributes that include phase stability with temperature change, mechanical robustness when exposed to extreme environmental conditions, extended flex-life, and low attenuation for a given cable diameter to be installed in constricted space.

TSM cable can be offered in a number of constructions related to jacket materials, center conductor, dielectric core, outer conductor, and protective braid, as well as in a range of outer diameters based on your desired RF performance compliance requirements. Phase matching of assemblies is available on request.

All of these parameters are consideration points in optimizing your cable selection to ensure system performance compliance. Our Harness Engineering Team is available to work with you early in the process to review your system goals and offer support in deciding on the RF interconnects best suited to ensure your milestones are met, and met reliably.