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The MFT series is a Multi-Function Timer featuring seven knob-selectable functions and seven knob-selectable time ranges spanning from 0.1 seconds to 100 hours. Designed for DIN-rail mounting, it offers a housing width of 17.5 mm in a SPDT configuration, suitable for both back and front panel installation. Compatible with a wide power supply range: 24 VDC, 24 to 240 VAC, or 12 to 240 VAC/DC. ​

Available options include:
MFT02A12​    DIN-rail SPDT, Power Supply: 12 to 240 VAC/DC​
   DIN-rail SPDT, Power Supply: 24 VDC and 24 to 240 VAC​


​PSM series is a 3-phase mains monitoring relay. It operates on 3P systems, monitoring phase loss, phase sequence, and undervoltage. The undervoltage level is set by the easy-to-use front dial and quick troubleshooting is accomplished with the Output and Status LED. Power supply provided by the monitored mains. For mounting on DIN-rail and working in systems from 208 to 480 VAC.

Available options include:
PSM02A208​        DIN-rail SPDT, Power Supply: 208 to 240 VAC​
PSM02A380​        DIN-rail SPDT, Power Supply: 380 to 480 VAC​



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