​​​Part NO.​​​  ​Description

 E3P2G​ ​​
The E3P2G series, three-phase solid state relay is the 2nd generation of the discontinued E3P series. The new design incorporates a high efficiency back-to-back thyristor with direct copper bonding for a longer lifetime expectancy. Over-Voltage protection is provided internally with TVS diodes for the input and output. Additionally our -16 model is designed with an RC snubber and VDR for greater protection to the output to handle all types of loads. The industrial SSR utilizes optical isolation to protect the control from load transients for each phase and has tight zero-cross window for low EMI. A control status LED are standard on all models.​

Available options include:
E3P48D25           Load: 25A, 24-600Vrms ; Control: 4-30Vdc  
E3P48D50           Load: 50A, 24-600Vrms ; Control: 4-30Vdc 
E3P48D75           Load: 75A, 24-600Vrms ; Control: 4-30Vdc 
E3P48D75-16      Load: 75A, 24-520Vrms ; Control: 4-30Vdc ;
E3P48D75-16      ​RC+VDR Output Protection

 E3PT ​​
Series E3PT three-phase solid-state relays are designed for all types of loads. The E3PT relays include as a standard a control LED for visual status. The E3PT is touch-proof for user safety. An internal MOV and snubber circuit protect the output thyristor. The E3PT relays are highly immune to large current surges.​

Available options include:
E3PT48D50     50A, 42-520Vrms Load; 8.5-30Vdc Control
 DR3P ​​
Series DR3P solid-state relays provide three-phase output, offering both AC and DC control with a zero-cross turn-ON thyristor output. The DR3P provides an integrated heat sink, output transient suppression (MOV and snubber circuit) and LEDs that serve as status indicators for diagnostics. The relays are designed for DIN-rail or panel mounting.​

Available options include:
DR3P48A50     22A, 24-520Vrms Load; 90-240Vac/Vdc

C3P ​​
The Series C3P three-phase AC solid-state relays are designed to control medium amounts of power in three-phase applications. Optical isolation ensures complete protection of the C3P’s control circuit from load transients. The C3P’s compact plastic housing provides a low-cost alternative to large metallic three-phase contactors. The C3P is designed with heatsinking in mind. The ceramic baseplate provides excellent thermal performance. The relay’s tight zero-cross window greatly reduces EMI.​

Available options include:
C3P24D25            25A, 280 Vac
C3P24D25C         25A, 280 Vac
C3P24D25C/F1   25A, 280 Vac with 90° Bent Leads​
C3P24D25C/F     25A, 280 Vac 90° Bent Leads & Thermal Pad​
S3P ​​
The Series S3P relays are made up of three separate relays controlled by a common DC voltage control. They are designed to control 10A AC loads such as resistors and small motors on a mains from 12 to 440 Vac, either single- or three-phase. They are well suited for applications requiring compact size and low cost.​

Available options include:
S3P44D10     10A,440 Vac


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