Phase Master™ 190 Series for Military Applications

Storm's Phase Master™ cable assemblies were developed to meet the needs of customers who want the highest performing, phase stable assemblies for their most demanding applications. As a result of customer input, MicroForm™ construction was developed to provide the optimal results those applications require.  Phase Master - Military Applications
 Performance Highlights

  • Unique MicroForm™ construction provides increased phase stability over temperature & flexure

  • Operates to 26.5 GHz

  • Lightweight

  • Low Outgas

The Phase Master™ cable series continues the tradition of high quality, performance, and value you've come to expect from Storm.

Mechanical Properties
Outer Jacket FEP Teflon™
Diameter 0.190"
Weight 17 gram/foot
Minimum Static Bend Radius 1 inch
Outgas Complies with ASTM
E-595-84. Less than
1% TML and 0.1% CVCM
Temperature Range -55° C to +125° C
Call for Armoring Options.

Connector Options     Frequency
SMA 26.5 GHz
TNC 18 GHz
Precision N 18 GHz

Electrical Performance
Phase-Temperature (see Diagram #1)
(see Diagram #2 of test fixture)
Phase change over 500 flexures
Phase change over 1000 flexures
1.5° @ 18 GHz
2.0° @ 18 GHz
Time Delay 1.24 ns/foot
Cable Shielding Effectiveness
(Stirred Mode Chamber technique)
–90 dB/foot
Impedance 50 Ω
VSWR Varies by
type, contact
sales rep.
Insertion Loss (Max)
(3 foot assembly)
1.55 dB @ 18 GHz


High performance shielding technology combined with a unique composition of dielectric materials results in superior cable performance. Performance is further enhanced by our robust production process.


Data given are nominal values unless specified. Specifications subject to change without notice.