The key to any contract manufacturing project is the development, validation, and implementation of manufacturing processes that will guarantee the quality and reliability of your final product.  Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing leading edge microelectronic hybrids and modules and has implemented and perfected its core processes to ensure the success of your program.

Core processes are as follows:

Eutectic Die Attach: Eutectic die attach is a complex process that can easily result in die damage or insufficient adhesion.  Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions has extensive experience with this process and has shipped thousands of products utilizing this attach method.  

Epoxy Dispense:  Accurate, repeatable epoxy dispense is critical in the manufacture of complex assemblies .  Not only does the amount of epoxy assure sufficient bond strength, but control of the bond line thickness is required to assure control of the die position and wire bond lengths.  This in turn is critical to the performance of microwave frequency modules. Standard Teledyne epoxy types have been evaluated for their material characteristics, any new materials used are completely evaluated prior to their use.
Die Pick and Place:  Precise, consistent placement and orientation of the bare die is one of the most important aspects in determining the performance of optoelectronic devices. Teledyne prides itself in having the correct equipment available with many years of tool design experience to achieve this building block of the assembly process.

Packaged Part Pick and Place:  Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions has experience in handling many different part types and form factors through the many programs that we have successfully completed. Any new form factor parts are evaluated before use in production assembly.

SMT:  Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions has the capability to work with all forms of solder reflow. Both convection and conduction reflow systems are available. All Rosin and water soluble fluxes can be used with the required controlled cleaning systems available.

Wire Bond:  Ball, Wedge and Ribbon bonding are core competencies at Teledyne.  Having accurate, repeatable control of the bond placement with good height control is very important to the success of this program. Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions develops a qualification program for each set of wire groups on all programs. All bonding parameters are optimized and tested for each type of bonding surface being used to assure long term reliability. Loop profiles are controlled and maintained to achieve consistent electrical performance. All wire bond machines are controlled and monitored at the start and during the daily production, by utilizing a real time electronic SPC data base, which demonstrates a capability that far exceeds the MIL STD requirements.   

Cover Seal:   For high-rel microelectronics, cover sealing is a critical process to ensure hermeticity in ruggedized environments. Depending on the requirements, Teledyne utilizes various methods to ensure the reliability of the microcircuits.  Resistance seam sealing and laser welding are two cores processes.

ESD Controls:  All production areas are fully controlled and monitored for ESD and meet the capability of ANSI/ESD S20.20. Each Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) uses full ESD floor grounding/foot straps, constant monitor wrist straps, ionization when required by the products ESD level and is environmentally controlled for temperature and humidity levels.