Environmental Policy Statement

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions adopts and agrees to follow the Environmental Policy of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated as set forth below:
It is the policy of Teledyne to continue to maintain and operate our businesses in full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits and our corporate Environmental Management System. It is also our policy to promptly evaluate and resolve any suspected instances of non-compliance. We recognize the importance of our environment and natural resources, and encourage all our employees to embrace our responsibility to society when using and planning the use of natural resources. We shall take an active role in discovering and implementing means to prevent harm to our environment and to our natural resources by continuous improvement in our environmental performance. Teledyne is committed to providing adequate personnel and other resources to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and permits and implement, maintain and improve our Environmental Management System.
In implementing the Environmental Policy and conducting its business, Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions will seek to satisfy the following environmental objectives:
  1. Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations. It is recognized that compliance is a minimum obligation, and, where economically and commercially feasible, compliance with more stringent voluntary standards should be achieved.
  2. Make environmental issues (including staffing, budgets, recognition of liabilities, technological alternatives, etc) a part of business operating and planning decisions.
  3. Assign adequate personnel and other resources to environmental compliance.
  4. Conserve and make efficient use of energy and natural resources, promote recycling and reuse of materials, and practice waste minimization.
  5. Whenever commercially possible, develop and provide products or services that minimize environmental impacts and are environmentally responsible in their intended use.
  6. Provide information to interested parties on the use, transportation, storage and disposal of products.
  7. Develop and maintain adequate emergency preparedness plans in cooperation with community services and authorities.
  8. Educate, train, and motivate our employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.

Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions will implement the Environmental Policy and objectives through written policies, programs and procedures. In conjunction with Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions undertakes to communicate the Environmental Policy to its employees.