• Frequency Range from 5MHz to 21GHz
  • High Isolation numbers: 27.0dB at -55/85°C to 70.0dB at 0/50°C
  • Typical Power Output at 1dB
  • Compression Min from >+19.0dBm to +28.0dBm
  • Typical Insertion loss from < 0.7dB to 3.0dB
Teledyne RF & Microwave offers High Isolation Switches with low insertion loss, high 1dB compression point, high third order I.P. and fast switching speed. Our switches are designed for a wide variety of communications applications.


Teledyne Switches have been utilized on Ground, Airborne, Marine, and Space platforms. End use applications:

  • Military
  • Communications
  • EW, Missile
  • Commercial
  • Test and Measurement
  • Space Payload