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Teledyne Defence & Space has won a Queen’s Award for its substantial growth in overseas earnings and its commercial success in the space sector. Read more...

Teledyne Defence & Space

Teledyne DEFENCE250Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS) has been supplying the electronic defence market for over 35 years and has an established reputation as a world leader in the supply and development of microwave products. Formerly Filtronic Defence, TDS has a pro-active policy of sharing technology advances to exploit the development of highly complex and integrated end-to-end RF & Microwave solutions for the defence and security markets.

Teledyne Defence & Space, headquartered in Shipley in the UK, is globally renowned for providing:

  • Novel ITAR & non-ITAR adaptive filter and microwave front end solutions for sea, land, air and space applications. 
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), Radar Electronic Support Measurement (RESM) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) subsystems along with systems capable of handling the dense signal environments found in modern theatres of operation.
  • Highly integrated receiver and jammer broadband sub-systems for Force & self-protection.
  • Open architectures to adapt to payload- specific applications with comparative SWaP and through-life cost benefits.


TDS is the premier innovator for advanced microwave solutions with the facilities, people & resources to make your requirements a reality.

  • Long established UK manufacturer of complex microwave components and sub-systems
  • Pushing more complex digital designs into the microwave arena
  • Considered by many as the original filter manufacturer in Europe