Teledyne Advanced Electronic Solutions integrates CCAs and other sub-assemblies, cables and fabricated parts into system modules shipped directly to customers for integration into their products.

  • Box Build:  custom built to order system solutions
    • High complexity box assemblies and subsystems
    • High frequency RF box assemblies and subsystems
    • Full functional RF testing up to 26 GHz (K band)
  • Multi-level systems integration – build and test modules and CCAs and integrate into higher level assemblies
  • Custom cell design for customer subsystems
  • Special bonding processes including thermal management and vibration
  • Robust torque and FOD control programs
  • System level testing including functional, vibration and thermal
  • Complex harness fabrication and integration
  • Fiber-Optic and RF waveguide integration and testing
  • Large system capacity in excess of 200 lbs.
  • Configure to order – Integrate different options, firmware, configurations, etc across a single order as required