The CCM1095 and CCM2096 are power amplifiers that use current efficient Silicon Carbide output semi-conductors to achieve +35 to +38 dBm output power. An internal sequencing circuit is included to provide for safe operation of the output power device.

The CCM1095 can be adjusted to operate at voltages from +28 to +42 volts. The bias current can be adjusted to operate at any of the voltages mentioned from 250 to 600 mA. The voltages used and current settings are a function of the output power requirements. The CCM1095 provides +37 dBm with 36 volts and 500 mA of current.

The CCM2096 delivers +36 dBm output power with 36 volts and 500 mA on the output stage. The driver stage is operated with +15 volts and draws 450 mA.

The housing shown includes the RF amplifier and the voltage sequencer. It provides over 15 sq. inches of mounting surface area to maintain cool operation.

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CCM 1095


CCM 2096