Fastest Tuning and Best Phase Noise in the Industry  

This 6U VPX Transceiver represents Teledyne’s latest advancement in VPX modular technology. With an open systems-based platform, this 6-18 GHz broadband Transceiver boasts the industry’s best phase noise performance and fastest tuning in a 6U form factor. It is an ideal choice for meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of today’s microwave Transceiver applications.

Download the Datasheet.

In addition to its new standard-setting phase noise and tuning performance levels, the 6U Transceiver offers a high dynamic range and built-in LO generation with external system reference. At a weight of <2.75 kg, the Transceiver (model TSA-219040) is a compact, ruggedized, and air-cooled system with 75W maximum power consumption.

The VPX Transceiver was developed on a modular platform to address the industry’s interest in compressing development cycles and planning for technology insertion in program life extensions. The architecture allows for tailoring to meet the customer’s needs in terms of tuning speed, phase noise, IBW, and frequency range.

  • High Dynamic Range:
    • RF coverage: 6 to 18 GHz, 1GHz IBW
    • Noise Figure: 17 dB typical
    • Phase Noise: 1 MHz @ -113 dBc/Hz
    • Linear dynamic range: 90 dB (with 1 MHz BW)
  • External System Reference:
    • Tuning speed: 5.0 µs max (to within 10 kHz) single-tone, internally generated spurious:
      -80 dBm (@ -10 dBm input and max gain)
    • Reference Frequency Input: (10-100 MHz)
  • Open Systems Compliant
  • 75 W Maximum Power