• FREQUENCY: 10MHz to 35GHz
  • BANDWIDTH: Narrow Band to Multi-Octave
  • GAIN SHAPE: Linear, Parabolic and Custom
  • POWER: 1W to 10KW
  • PLATFORMS: Ground, Airborne, Marine, Space
Gain Shape Linearizer Amplifiers are used in a number of applications where it's necessary to flatten the gain characteristic of the preceding or following component. This would include flattening the attenuation of a long cable run, or perhaps changing the input gain response to an MPM (Microwave Power Module) or TWT (Traveling Wave Tube) to compensate for the gain variation within the tube.


Teledyne Linearizers have been utilized on Ground, Airborne, Marine, and Space platforms. End use applications:

  • Military
  • Communications
  • Commercial
  • Satcom
  • TWTA


One unique service Teledyne RF & Microwave offers is the ability to individually match a gain characteristic to a given tube's performance. This is done using Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) to calculate the gain needed at any particular frequency in order to maintain an overall flatness across the whole operating band. This is done without the need for the tube to be provided to Teledyne; all we need is the gain characteristics of the individual tube.

Many gain shapes are available to compensate for many different interactions with gain.