• Frequency Input from 0.05MHz to 12GHz
  • Frequency Output from 0.1MHz to 24 GHz
  • Low Conversion Loss from 10.0 dB Typical to 14.0 dB Max
  • High Fundamental Suppression

Teledyne RF & Microwave offers several Frequency Doublers providing high fundamental suppression, broadband input/output frequencies, and low conversion loss figures for a variety of communications applications.



Teledyne Frequency Doublers have been utilized on Ground, Airborne, Marine, and Space platforms. End use applicatio

  • Military
  • Communications
  • EW, Missile
  • Commercial
  • Test and Measurement
  • Space Payload


Frequency doublers consist of a nonlinear circuit that efficiently produces an output that is twice the frequency of the signal applied to its input. Frequency doublers offer simplicity in designing frequency multiplier chains and offer excellent rejection of fundamental and third harmonics which in turn significantly reduces filter requirements.