Teledyne RF & Microwave has been producing Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) delay devices since the early 1960’s. Over the years,Teledyne has constantly improved BAW technology and is currently the world’s only supplier of microwave bulk acoustic wave delay devices. Markets for BAW devices include instrumentation and radar altimeters and are available in connectorized, pin and surface mount configurations.

   BAW DEVICES At-A-Glance
  • FREQUENCY: 0.3GHz to 17GHz
  • DELAY: 0.1µS to 13µS
  • TECHNOLOGY: Bulk Acoustic Wave
  • PACKAGING: Connectorized, Pin & SM
  • PLATFORMS: Ground, Airborne, Marine
  • APPLICATIONS: Military, Commercial, Radar Altimeters, T&M

BAW devices operate as low as 300 MHz and as high as 17 GHz, usually in sub-bands of around 10%. Depending on the delay and frequency of operation the insertion loss is in the range 30 dB to 90 dB.

The basic microwave acoustic delay device form consists of a cylindrical rod of suitable transmission material (usually sapphire or quartz crystals) for the propagation of the acoustic wave. At the ends of the rod are transducers for converting electromagnetic energy to acoustic energy. Electrical matching networks, or filters, are attached to each of the transducers for coupling to the external microwave circuit.

These devices have a unique characteristic that are very valuable in Instrumentation and Airborne applications. Teledyne continues to support these markets while looking for new applications for these truly fascinating microwave devices.