Teledyne MEC Traveling Wave Tubes provide the source for RF energy in many commercial test and measurement applications, such as evaluating the electromagnetic susceptibility of components in military systems or consumer/commercial products.


Large selection of catalog CW and Pulse TWTs for narrow and wide band operation available, as well as customization of existing TWTs. Examples of frequency band/power combinations:
BandFrequency  CW Power Pulse Power (Peak)
L/S-Bands1 to 4 GHz500W10kW+
C-Band4 to 8 GHz630W4.5kW+
X-Band8 to 12 GHz425W10kW
Ku-Band12 to 18 GHz425W4kW+
K/Ka-Bands18-40 GHz50W400W



  • Electromagnetic Compatibility/Interference/Susceptibility
  • Threat Simulators (e.g., radar cross-section measurement)
  • High Power Component Testing