Teledyne MEC creates rugged satcom TWT designs with high reliability for Fixed, Mobile or Air applications including Satellite Uplinks for C/X/Ku/Ka/Q Commercial and Military Communication Bands.



  • Aircraft configurations
  • Compact outdoor chassis designs used in Earth Stations configurations


  • 600W CW over Tri-Band
  • 750W+ at Ku-Band
  • 502W Peak at Ka-Band



  • Enables Single Transmitter for Uplink
  • Deployed Worldwide
  • Withstands severe environmental conditions
  • Tri-Band (C, X & Ku)*
  • Dual-Band (C & Ku)*
* Single TWT package design

​All TWTs for airborne defense applications require an export license and are controlled military technology. Please contact our TWT business unit at 916-638-3344.