Microelectronic Assembly


Designing Microwave PCBs
for Successful Manufacture


RF/Microwave Assembly Capability

Teledyne Labtech offers a comprehensive build-to-print microwave module and microwave components manufacturing service. This includes MMIC placement, Au wire bonding, SMT assembly and test.

Our microwave MIC production facility is housed in a class 10,000 clean room that accommodates manual chip placement and semi-automatic wire bond assembly. Dedicated microwave components manufacturing is undertaken within production cells established to meet specific customer or product requirements.

Manufacturing Capability

  • MIC Assembly
    • Semi-automatic chip and wire assembly
    • Wedge-wedge wirebonding
    • Gold tapes for DC and RF connections
    • Hand solder to IPC-J-STD-003C
  • In-house RF machining and box build
  • In-house microwave PCB manufacture
  • In-house painting and conformal coating facilities








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