Single EFI output ISD (with integrated TBI)

This EFI based, inline ISD is designed for solid rocket motor ignition. It conforms to MIL-STD-1901 requirements. All energetic materials are on the -1901 approved materials list. It is fully electronic and has no moving parts. Input and safety circuitry is designed​ to achieve high reliability. This design is fully hermetic. The TBI has a solid metal bulkhead which has been proven by test to be hermetic and pass 35,000psi hydraulic testing post firing.

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Dual EFI output ISD (with integrated TBI)​

Similar to Teledyne's single EFI ISD, this electronic ISD is fully dual redundant design including all safety circuity from inputs to firesets, high voltage generation, capacitive discharge circuitry, dual RP-98 EFIs and a dual path TBI. This ISD meets the requirements of MIL-STD-1901 as an in-line ISD. This ISD provides the ultimate in reliability as the success of either redundant path will provide the required pressure output. This unit is fully hermetic.

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This ESAD is complete with safety logic, high voltage generation, capacitive discharge circuitry and an EFI output. The input is a 38999 style, triple start connector. The output is designed to mate to common ETL lines. The output can be tailored to mate to booster charges. This ESAD uses Teledyne’s MIL-DTL-23659F qualified EFI and meets the requirements of MIL-STD-1316 for in-line usage. It contains only -1316 listed energetics materials. This ESAD is available with a R5422 COM link and BIT. ​

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