​RISI​​​ History

For the past thirty years, RISI has been in the forefront of exploding bridgewire detonator technology. Exploding bridgewire detonators(EBW's) were developed in the mid forties to replace blasting caps in areas that required accurate timing and extreme safety. 

RISI saw the potential that the inherent safety characteristics of the EBW could bring to commercial applications. Along with RISI's EBW experience came gained knowledge in secondary explosives. This lead to expertise in explosive loading, exploding foil initiator(EFI) development, and fuze design. RISI is always looking for new opportunities and applications for secondary explosives. 

RISI is a fully equiped manufacturing house with experienced ordnance engineers and electrical engineers. An in house machine shop complements our capabilities for research and developemental purposes. 

Specific capablities include but are not limited to: 

  • Full assembly and design of secondary explosive detonators  
  • Large quantity manufacturing of pellets  
  • Fuze design and assembly  
  • Explosive loading of initiator cups for missile warheads ​​